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Quality Tube Inserts at Competitive Prices

Tube inserts are a highly useful, labour-saving device for your industrial furniture and tubular fabrications. At Indifit we have them in a variety of shapes and materials, including tube inserts for heavy duty applications.  Our tube inserts include Threaded Tube Inserts which are suitable for heavier-duty applications and are made from HDPE with BZP steel … Continue reading “Quality Tube Inserts at Competitive Prices”

Searching for Specialist Furniture Castors?

Are your furniture castors broken and need to be replaced? For quick deliveries on affordable furniture castors, look towards Indifit where you’ll find thousands of products at competitive prices. We can easily help you find your perfect match. Our catalogue includes a wide selection of castors and wheels with which to repair your furniture, including … Continue reading “Searching for Specialist Furniture Castors?”

High Quality But Competitively Priced Furniture Castors

At Indifit, you can find all the accessories you need for your industrial equipment, including a wide selection of furniture castors. Our products include scaffold castors, medium duty castors, and those for light duty furniture, giving you a choice of quality products to choose from. Our Scaffold Castors offer three designs to choose from. Highly … Continue reading “High Quality But Competitively Priced Furniture Castors”

Find The Right Heavy-Duty Castors For Your Business

Are you looking for the right sized castors for your industrial equipment? The heavier a load is, the more highly rated a wheel or castor needs to be. At Indifit we sell a variety of castors, including those for light, medium and heavy-duty applications. When choosing castors, it’s also important to consider the floor conditions … Continue reading “Find The Right Heavy-Duty Castors For Your Business”

Need To Purchase Adjustable Feet For Your Equipment?

At Indifit top quality products are combined with the best customer service in the business. On our website, you’ll find thousands of high-quality yet affordable products, including castors and wheels, tube end fittings, adjustable feet and glides, bumpers/buffer feet, finishing components, fasteners and access hardware. Our collection of adjustable feet and glides come in all … Continue reading “Need To Purchase Adjustable Feet For Your Equipment?”