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Is It Time To Improve Your Classroom Design?

Simple Changes Can Allow The Brightest Minds To Flourish If you want to give your pupils the best start in life, then start by making changes to the classroom environment and watch their results soar. Classroom designs have changed significantly in the past few decades as schools have moved away from blackboards to smart screens, … Continue reading “Is It Time To Improve Your Classroom Design?”

Choose The Perfect Design For Your Office

Increase Retention And Boost Productivity With These Tips Does your current office feel too cramped or not make enough use of natural light? Provide a healthier, more productive environment to work in! The right office design can increase productivity levels by as much as 15% according to research carried out by the University of Exeter. … Continue reading “Choose The Perfect Design For Your Office”

Why Handymen Need To Keep Tube Inserts In Their Bag

Stock Your Tool Kit With These Handy Tube End Caps Handymen can round off a tubular design or make quick repairs by keeping a small range of round and square tube inserts in their tool kit. Handymen are genuine all-rounders with an in-depth knowledge of a number of trades. From fixing plumbing, to performing carpentry … Continue reading “Why Handymen Need To Keep Tube Inserts In Their Bag”

Tube Connectors of all sizes and shapes for what you need available at Indifit

Square tube connectors are designed for use in conjunction with square tubing which allows users to create a range of structures suitable for a variety of applications. With no need for complex measurements or skilful welding to fuse together the joints – users can simply sketch out what they need and easily calculate the required … Continue reading “Tube Connectors of all sizes and shapes for what you need available at Indifit”

Why Tube Connectors Are A Useful Tool to Have Handy

Square tube connectors are a fast, easy and cost effective way of joining and connecting together square tubing. Designed for multiple applications the use of push-fit tube connectors means that attaching tubes together is quick and convenient, creating a strong framework for both temporary and permanent structures. Applications When combined with square tubing, tube connectors … Continue reading “Why Tube Connectors Are A Useful Tool to Have Handy”

Looking For Tube Insert Suppliers? We’ve Got You Covered

Comprehensive Stock Of Tube Inserts For Your Every Need Do you know your ferrules from your stand-off feet? Work with a supplier who is happy to share their knowledge of their vast tube insert range. If you’re putting together a product design that relies on tubes in its architecture, then you’ll understand the importance of … Continue reading “Looking For Tube Insert Suppliers? We’ve Got You Covered”

A Wide Choice of Castors and Wheels

Do you want to enjoy first-class customer service when ordering industrial components, such as castors and wheels? Indifit have thousands of products to choose from on our website, including quality castors and wheels for both light-duty and heavy-duty applications. With over 91 pages of castors and wheels to browse, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re … Continue reading “A Wide Choice of Castors and Wheels”

Do You Need Quality Panel Fasteners?

Do you need panel fasteners which are long-lasting and easy to apply? Indifit have a range of quality panel fasteners, including Quick Release Turn Female Fasteners, Captive Washers and Circlips, Push-in Panel Rivet Fasteners and Anti-Loss Retaining Washers. Our Push-in Panel Rivet Fasteners are a fast, inexpensive and convenient way of joining plastic circuit boards … Continue reading “Do You Need Quality Panel Fasteners?”