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SKU Type 2 Knob Material Thread Material A B C D E Thread Size Thread Length Pack QtyQuantity
HITF28/05015RMaleNylonZinc steel281011313M51510Add to quote
HITF28/05020RMaleNylonZinc steel281011313M52010Add to quote
HITF28/05RFemaleNylonBrass281011313M5n/a (female)10Add to quote
HITF28/05TTRFemale thru/threadNylonBrass281011313M5n/a (female)10Add to quote
HITF28/06010RMaleNylonZinc steel281011313M61010Add to quote
HITF28/06015RMaleNylonZinc steel281011313M61510Add to quote
HITF28/06020RMaleNylonZinc steel281011313M62010Add to quote
HITF28/06RFemaleNylonBrass281011313M6n/a (female)10Add to quote
HITF28/06TTRFemale thru/threadNylonBrass401215820M6n/a (female)10Add to quote
HITF40/06015RMaleNylonZinc steel401215820M61510Add to quote
HITF40/06020RMaleNylonZinc steel401215820M62010Add to quote
HITF40/06025RMaleNylonZinc steel401215820M62510Add to quote
HITF40/06RFemaleNylonBrass401215820M6n/a (female)10Add to quote
HITF40/06TTRFemale thru/threadNylonBrass401215820M8n/a (female)10Add to quote
HITF40/08015RMaleNylonZinc steel401215820M81510Add to quote
HITF40/08025RMaleNylonZinc steel401215820M82510Add to quote
HITF40/08035RMaleNylonZinc steel401215820M83510Add to quote
HITF50/06035RMaleNylonZinc steel501515924M63510Add to quote
HITF50/06040RMaleNylonZinc steel501515924M64010Add to quote
HITF50/08040RMaleNylonZinc steel501515924M84010Add to quote
HITF50/08RFemaleNylonBrass501515924M8n/a (female)10Add to quote
HITF50/08TTRFemale thru/threadNylonBrass501515924M8n/a (female)10Add to quote
HITF60/08030RMaleNylonZinc steel6018191230M83010Add to quote
HITF60/10040RMaleNylonZinc steel6018191230M104010Add to quote
HITF60/10RFemaleNylonBrass6018191230M10n/a (female)10Add to quote
HITF60/10TTRFemale thru/threadNylonBrass6018191230M10n/a (female)10Add to quote

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