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SKU Colour Handle Material Insert Material A B C D Thread Size Thread Length Pack QtyImageQuantity
HCL042/04DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel42251037M4n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL042/05016DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel42251037M51621Add to quote
HCL042/05020DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel42251037M52021Add to quote
HCL042/05BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel42251038M5n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL042/05DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel42251037M5n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL042/06016BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel42251038M61621Add to quote
HCL042/06016DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel42251037M61621Add to quote
HCL042/06016DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel42251037M61621Add to quote
HCL042/06020BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel42251038M62021Add to quote
HCL042/06020DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel42251037M62021Add to quote
HCL042/06020DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel42251037M62021Add to quote
HCL042/06032BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel42251038M63221Add to quote
HCL042/06032DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel42251037M63221Add to quote
HCL042/06032DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel42251037M63221Add to quote
HCL042/06BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel42251038M6n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL042/06DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel42251037M6n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL042/06DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel42251037M6n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL065/06BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel65311450M6n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL065/06DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel65311449M6n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL065/06DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel65311449M6n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL065/08016BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel65311450M81621Add to quote
HCL065/08016DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel65311449M81621Add to quote
HCL065/08020BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel65311450M82021Add to quote
HCL065/08020DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel65311449M82021Add to quote
HCL065/08020DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel65311449M82021Add to quote
HCL065/08025BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel65311450M82521Add to quote
HCL065/08025DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel65311449M82521Add to quote
HCL065/08025DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel65311449M82521Add to quote
HCL065/08032BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel65311450M83221Add to quote
HCL065/08032DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel65311449M83221Add to quote
HCL065/08032DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel65311449M83221Add to quote
HCL065/08040BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel65311450M84021Add to quote
HCL065/08040DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel65311449M84021Add to quote
HCL065/08040DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel65311449M84021Add to quote
HCL065/08050DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel65311449M85021Add to quote
HCL065/08050DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel65311449M85021Add to quote
HCL065/08BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel65311450M8n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL078/08DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel78361657M8n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL078/08DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel78361657M8n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL078/10020DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel78361657M102021Add to quote
HCL078/10020DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel78361657M102021Add to quote
HCL078/10032DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel78361657M103221Add to quote
HCL078/10032DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel78361657M103221Add to quote
HCL078/10040DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel78361657M104021Add to quote
HCL078/10040DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel78361657M104021Add to quote
HCL078/10050DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel78361657M105021Add to quote
HCL078/10DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel78361657M10n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL078/10DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel78361657M10n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL083/08BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel83361660M8n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL083/10020BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel83361660M102021Add to quote
HCL083/10032BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel83361660M103221Add to quote
HCL083/10040BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel83361660M104021Add to quote
HCL083/10050BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel83361660M105021Add to quote
HCL083/10BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel83361660M10n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL083/12050BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel83361660M125021Add to quote
HCL083/12063BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel83361660M126321Add to quote
HCL083/12BBBlackReinforced nylonBlackened steel83361660M12n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL085/08DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel65311449M8n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL085/08DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel65311449M8n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL092/10020DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel92431965M102021Add to quote
HCL092/10032DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel92431965M103221Add to quote
HCL092/10040DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel92431965M104021Add to quote
HCL092/10050DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel92431965M105021Add to quote
HCL092/10050DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel92431965M105021Add to quote
HCL092/10DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel92431965M10n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL092/10DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel92431965M10n/a (female)22Add to quote
HCL092/12032DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel92431965M123221Add to quote
HCL092/12032DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel92431965M123221Add to quote
HCL092/12040DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel92431965M124021Add to quote
HCL092/12040DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel92431965M124021Add to quote
HCL092/12050DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel92431965M125021Add to quote
HCL092/12050DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel92431965M125021Add to quote
HCL092/12063DCABBBlackDie castBlackened steel92431965M126321Add to quote
HCL092/12063DCABBSSBlackDie castStainless steel92431965M126321Add to quote

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