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SKU Material Thread Material A B C Thread Size Thread Length Pack QtyImageQuantity
HLP18/05005/DThermosetZinc steel184012M5563Add to quote
HLP18/06NYLONMoulded184015M6n/a (female)102Add to quote
HLP18/06010NYLONZinc steel184015M610101Add to quote
HLP18/06010SSNYLONStainless steel184015M610101Add to quote
HLP18/08/DThermosetMoulded184012M8n/a (female)64Add to quote
HLP20/06/DThermosetMoulded206014M6n/a (female)64Add to quote
HLP20/06006/DThermosetZinc steel206014M6663Add to quote
HLP21/08NYLONMoulded215017M8n/a (female)102Add to quote
HLP23/08010SSNYLONStainless steel236519M810101Add to quote
HLP23/10NYLONMoulded236519M10n/a (female)102Add to quote
HLP24/08/DThermosetMoulded248018M8n/a (female)64Add to quote
HLP24/08008/DThermosetZinc steel248018M8863Add to quote
HLP26/08010SSNYLONStainless steel268021M810101Add to quote
HLP28/08NYLONMoulded289022M8n/a (female)62Add to quote
HLP28/08/DThermosetMoulded289520M8n/a (female)64Add to quote
HLP28/08012/DThermosetZinc steel289520M81263Add to quote
HLP28/10/DThermosetMoulded289520M10n/a (female)64Add to quote
HLP28/10015SSNYLONStainless steel289022M1015101Add to quote
HLP28/12NYLONMoulded289022M12n/a (female)102Add to quote
HLP30/10/DThermosetMoulded3011022M10n/a (female)64Add to quote
HLP30/10020/DThermosetZinc steel3011022M102063Add to quote
HLP30/12/DThermosetMoulded3011022M12n/a (female)63Add to quote

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