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SKU Thread Size Thread Length Pack Qty Base Dia Base Height Base Fixing Distance Base Fixing Dia Bolt Down Option Max LoadQuantity
FTM040/08025/MREM82544029n/an/aNo350Add to quote
FTM040/08040/MREM84044029n/an/aNo350Add to quote
FTM050/08040/MREM84045029n/an/aNo350Add to quote
FTM050/08060/MREM86045029n/an/aNo350Add to quote
FTM050/08080/MREM88045029n/an/aNo350Add to quote
FTM050/10045/MREM104545029n/an/aNo470Add to quote
FTM050/10070/MREM107045029n/an/aNo470Add to quote
FTM050/10090/MREM109045029n/an/aNo470Add to quote
FTM060/08060/MBREM88046029406Yes350Add to quote
FTM060/10045/MREM104546029n/an/aNo470Add to quote
FTM060/10070/MBREM107046029406Yes470Add to quote
FTM060/10070/MREM107046029n/an/aNo470Add to quote
FTM060/10125/MBREM1012546029406Yes470Add to quote
FTM060/10125/MREM1012546029n/an/aNo470Add to quote
FTM060/12066/MREM126646029n/an/aNo750Add to quote
FTM060/12080/MREM128046029n/an/aNo750Add to quote
FTM060/12100/MREM1210046029n/an/aNo750Add to quote
FTM060/12125/MREM1212546029n/an/aNo750Add to quote
FTM060/12150/MREM1215046029n/an/aNo750Add to quote
FTM080/12066/MREM126648029n/an/aNo750Add to quote
FTM080/12100/MBREM1210048029546Yes750Add to quote
FTM080/12100/MREM1210048029n/an/aNo750Add to quote
FTM080/12150/MBREM1215048029546Yes750Add to quote
FTM080/16066/MREM166648029n/an/aNo900Add to quote
FTM080/16100/MBREM1610048029546Yes900Add to quote
FTM080/16100/MREM1610048029n/an/aNo900Add to quote
FTM080/16150/MBREM1615048029546Yes900Add to quote
FTM080/16150/MREM1615048029n/an/aNo900Add to quote
FTM080/20100/MREM2010048031n/an/aNo900Add to quote
FTM080/20150/MREM2015048031n/an/aNo900Add to quote
FTM100/16066/MREM1666410029n/an/aNo900Add to quote
FTM100/16100/MBREM16100410029746Yes900Add to quote
FTM100/16150/MREM16150410029n/an/aNo900Add to quote
FTM120/20150/MREM20150412031n/an/aNo900Add to quote

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