For use in most types of woods; hardwood, chipboard, timber, MDF etc.

Use with a standard pozi head screwdriver or screwdriver bit.

Please also view our range of high performance TF wood screws that are a similar product but with additional benefits such as self cutting ‘gash’ point screw tips, self countersinking ribs, spiral fluted shank ribs, available in both pozi head and torx head drive options and many others.

Please note: the size range shown in the listed table is a selection of the most popular fasteners we sell. However, the size range we can supply is too vast to be listed here, so if the size or specification you require is not shown, please call the sales office and we will endeavour to supply to your requirement.


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3.5 x 12mm, 3.5 x 15mm, 3.5 x 16mm, 3.5 x 20mm, 3.5 x 25mm, 4.0 x 20mm, 4.0 x 25mm, 4.0 x 30mm, 4.0 x 35mm, 4.0 x 40mm, 4.0 x 45mm, 4.0 x 50mm, 4.0 x 60mm, 4.0 x 70mm, 4.5 x 20mm, 4.5 x 25mm, 4.5 x 30mm, 4.5 x 35mm, 4.5 x 40mm, 4.5 x 50mm, 5.0 x 100mm, 5.0 x 25mm, 5.0 x 30mm, 5.0 x 35mm, 5.0 x 40mm, 5.0 x 45mm, 5.0 x 50mm, 5.0 x 60mm, 5.0 x 70mm, 5.0 x 80mm, 6.0 x 100mm, 6.0 x 40mm, 6.0 x 45mm, 6.0 x 50mm, 6.0 x 60mm, 6.0 x 70mm, 6.0 x 80mm, 6.0 x 90mm

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