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Black pneumatic rubber tyre on welded steel rim, either black or red painted.

Roller or ball bearing.

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Available Options:

SKU Wheel Dia Colour Wheel Type Tread Width Load Cap Kg Tread Pat Bearing Hub Bore Hub WidthQuantity
CW200/WPMR202R200mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel5075RibRoller2060Add to quote
CW220/WPMB20654W220mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel60136WaveBall journal2075Add to quote
CW220/WPMB25654W220mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel25136WaveRoller25.465Add to quote
CW220/WPMR204W220mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel60136WaveRoller2075Add to quote
CW220/WPMR20654W220mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel60136WaveRoller2065Add to quote
CW220/WPMR2544W220mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel60136WaveRoller25.475Add to quote
CW220/WPMR254654W220mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel60136WaveRoller2575Add to quote
CW220/WPMR254W220mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel60136WaveRoller2575Add to quote
CW220/WPMR25654W220mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel25136WaveRoller2565Add to quote
CW260/WPMB20654D260mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200DiamondBall journal2065Add to quote
CW260/WPMB20654R260mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200RibBall journal2065Add to quote
CW260/WPMB20656D260mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200DiamondBall journal2065Add to quote
CW260/WPMB254D260mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200DiamondBall journal2565Add to quote
CW260/WPMB25654R260mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200RibBall journal2565Add to quote
CW260/WPMB25656D260mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200DiamondBall journal2565Add to quote
CW260/WPMR204D260mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200DiamondRoller2075Add to quote
CW260/WPMR204R260mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200RibRoller2075Add to quote
CW260/WPMR20654D260mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200DiamondRoller2065Add to quote
CW260/WPMR20654R260mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200RibRoller2065Add to quote
CW260/WPMR20656D260mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200DiamondRoller2065Add to quote
CW260/WPMR206D260mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200DiamondRoller2075Add to quote
CW260/WPMR2544D260mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200DiamondRoller25.475Add to quote
CW260/WPMR2544R260mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200RibRoller25.475Add to quote
CW260/WPMR254654D260mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200DiamondRoller25.465Add to quote
CW260/WPMR254656D260mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200DiamondRoller25.465Add to quote
CW260/WPMR2546D260mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200DiamondRoller25.475Add to quote
CW260/WPMR254D260mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200DiamondRoller2575Add to quote
CW260/WPMR254R260mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200RibRoller2575Add to quote
CW260/WPMR25654R260mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200RibRoller2565Add to quote
CW260/WPMR25656D260mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200DiamondRoller2565Add to quote
CW260/WPMR256D260mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200DiamondRoller2575Add to quote
CW300/WPMB20654D300mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel90250DiamondBall journal2065Add to quote
CW300/WPMB25654D300mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel90250DiamondBall journal2565Add to quote
CW300/WPMR204D300mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel90250DiamondRoller2075Add to quote
CW300/WPMR20654D300mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel90250DiamondRoller2065Add to quote
CW300/WPMR254654D300mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel90250DiamondRoller25.465Add to quote
CW300/WPMR254D300mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel90250DiamondRoller2575Add to quote
CW300/WPMR25654D300mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel90250DiamondRoller2565Add to quote
CW370/WPMB254654C370mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200AlternateBall journal25.465Add to quote
CW370/WPMB254654R370mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85180RibBall journal25.465Add to quote
CW370/WPMB25654C370mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200AlternateBall journal2565Add to quote
CW370/WPMB25654R370mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85180RibBall journal2565Add to quote
CW370/WPMR2544C370mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200AlternateRoller25.475Add to quote
CW370/WPMR2544R370mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85180RibRoller25.475Add to quote
CW370/WPMR254654C370mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200AlternateRoller25.465Add to quote
CW370/WPMR254654R370mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85180RibRoller25.465Add to quote
CW370/WPMR254C370mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200AlternateRoller2575Add to quote
CW370/WPMR254R370mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85180RibRoller2575Add to quote
CW370/WPMR25654C370mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85200AlternateRoller2565Add to quote
CW370/WPMR25654R370mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel85180RibRoller2565Add to quote
CW400/WPMB254654B400mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100200BlockBall journal25.465Add to quote
CW400/WPMB254654D400mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100300DiamondBall journal25.465Add to quote
CW400/WPMB254654R400mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100250RibBall journal25.465Add to quote
CW400/WPMB254656R400mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100300RibBall journal25.465Add to quote
CW400/WPMB25654B400mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100200BlockBall journal2565Add to quote
CW400/WPMB25654D400mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100300DiamondBall journal2565Add to quote
CW400/WPMB25654R400mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100250RibBall journal2565Add to quote
CW400/WPMB25656R400mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100300RibBall journal2565Add to quote
CW400/WPMR2544B400mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100200BlockRoller25.475Add to quote
CW400/WPMR2544D400mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100300DiamondRoller25.475Add to quote
CW400/WPMR2544R400mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100250RibRoller25.475Add to quote
CW400/WPMR254654B400mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100200BlockRoller25.465Add to quote
CW400/WPMR254654D400mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100300DiamondRoller25.465Add to quote
CW400/WPMR254654R400mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100250RibRoller25.465Add to quote
CW400/WPMR254656R400mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100300RibRoller25.465Add to quote
CW400/WPMR2546R400mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100300RibRoller25.475Add to quote
CW400/WPMR254B400mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100200BlockRoller2575Add to quote
CW400/WPMR254D400mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100300DiamondRoller2575Add to quote
CW400/WPMR254R400mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100250RibRoller2575Add to quote
CW400/WPMR25654B400mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100200BlockRoller2565Add to quote
CW400/WPMR25654D400mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100300DiamondRoller2565Add to quote
CW400/WPMR25654R400mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100250RibRoller2565Add to quote
CW400/WPMR25656R400mmRedBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100300RibRoller2565Add to quote
CW400/WPMR256R400mmGreyBlack pneumatic rbr/welded steel100300RibRoller2575Add to quote

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