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  • Edge mounted screw grommet and ideal for jointing two sheets of material together Learn More

    (F8999) U nut screw grommet clip

  • This range of nylon grommet nuts provide low cost, positive connection of thin gauge panel materials while they eliminate cross threading. They are designed to lock snap into a pre-punched hole. As the self-tapping screw is tightened, the grommet expands and securely locks the screw and assembled parts in place. The grommet will provide a corrosion and vibration resistant connection and can be used to insulate areas of an assembly from electrical and thermal transfer. We offer a choice of standard through hole flute or sealed closed end grommet nuts. The sealed closed version have a closed end base that are used in applications to deter vapour, fluid transfer etc. Please also view our range of sqaure or rectangular head profile styles which includes a range of elongated female screw slot allows for panel tolerance miss-alignment. Choice of 2 colour options : nylon natural (off-white cream colour) or black Learn More

    (F0056) Snap in panel nylon grommet nut - round head profile

  • Male press in fir tree fastener with a choice of head patterns : 1 - Ring head for attaching cable ties etc 2 - Release latch for same applcation but with addtional benefit of clipping open the ring head, if needed 3 - Twin male (for panel to panel application) 4 - Textile hook or loop Choice of 3 colour options : nylon clear, natural (off-white cream colour) or black Learn More

    (F3275) Panel fir tree fastener - alternative head patterns

  • Push-In panel fasteners provide an inexpensive, fast, convenient method to join plastic, circuit boards or any other thin, light-weight material that can also be used as push in glide or bumper. Special designed legs provide compression and expansion to lock fastener into pre-punched holes. These fasteners are vibration, abrasion and corrosion resistant, and feature large heads for easier assembly and can be used over and over again. Choice of 2 colour options : nylon natural (off-white cream colour) or black. Please also view alternative larger sized diameter ranges 3.7mm to 9.1mm. Learn More

    (F1244) Push in panel rivet fastener - 2mm to 3.3mm hole size diameter

  • This captive access panel latch system remains attached to the outside panel when it is unlatched postion. Moulded from a high grade Nylon 66 material they offer secure latching for applications where no male piece is available and a high repetition of opening and closing strokes are required. This range of parts are offered to the market already assembled, unlike similar competitive products. Learn More

    (Q8792) Panel snap latch

  • Male and female ratchet fastener with broad panel grip range. We offer a choice of permanent or re-useable type (the latter is unique to the Point of Sale marketplace) Learn More

    (Q0222) Quick grip ratchet fastener

  • Multiple length cable tie kit. Each kit comprises of a nylon strap, collar and tightening nut. Simply slip the assembled kit over object and tighten locking nut until finger tight. Where it is impossible to apply assembled, unscrew the nut completely off the strap, pull one end of the strap free of the collar, wrap the strap around object and re-insert loose end of the strap into the collar, replace nut and tighten fully. Where one clip is not large enough for the application this unique product allows for multiple kits to be attached to each other. To do this remove the nut and detach one side of the strap from the collar. Repeat this operation on a second clip collar (or more if required). Attach loose end of the strap within the collar of the other clip kit collar thus to attach one strap kit to another. Repeat this process for desired number of clip bodies for your desired application. Replace all nuts upon each collar and tighten. Max breaking strain and tightening force 100kg for use within temperatures -20 deg C to 100 deg C but can be used in temperatures up to 150 deg C but with a reduction in tensile strength. Typical applications for this product within industry, motoring, home, fishing, gardening, camping, sailing etc. Learn More

    (F1224) Multiclip banding tie kit