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08th November 2019

Tube Connectors of all sizes and shapes for what you need available at Indifit

Square tube connectors are designed for use in conjunction with square tubing which allows users to create a range of structures suitable for a variety of applications.

With no need for complex measurements or skilful welding to fuse together the joints – users can simply sketch out what they need and easily calculate the required amount of pipe and connectors.

Tubing can be quickly and easily cut to size and the connectors are gently knocked into place using a soft hammer – it couldn’t be simpler and the possibilities are endless!

Square tubes and connectors

With square tubing and the corresponding square tube connectors – anybody can easily create fast and reliable construction systems for everything from storage and framework to transport solutions.

These can be effortlessly tailored to your requirements without the need for things such as welding that require specialist equipment and expertise. Simply sketch your design and cut the tube to length, then tap together using the correct tube connectors – it really is that simple!

As well as the tube connectors you can also use the following accessories to help tailor your design;

  • Adjustable feet
  • Metal caps
  • Castors
  • Wheels
  • Braked wheels

There are also even several options available for colour and finish so you can create the exact appearance you want for your cubic structure. Some colour and finish options available include – Black, Red, Blue, Light Grey, Natural Aluminium, Zinc Plated and Black Aluminium.


When combined with square tubing, tube connectors can be used to construct framework for multiple applications across a wide range of industries and uses including;

  • Industrial
  • Transport
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Agricultural
  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Marketing
  • DIY

These easy to assemble tubes and connectors are ideal for those wanting to create temporary structures that can be put together and taken apart quickly and with minimal effort, multiple times.

The simple and effective design provides fast, reliable solutions that can be tailor made to suit your requirements and reused time and time again with no wastage.

Tube Connectors – Applications

There are so many ways that these simple and effective tubes and connectors can be used to create fast, effective structures such as;

  • Customised storage
  • Workstations
  • Trolleys
  • Transport solutions
  • Benches
  • Partitioning
  • Green houses
  • Portable tents
  • Exhibition stands
  • Security cages
  • Theatre staging
  • Joining box sections
  • Portable structures
  • Tool sheds

With no need for time consuming, hazardous and specialised joining such as welding to secure the tubes together, these are ideal for projects of all sizes and types – helping to create a myriad of fully customisable and versatile frames and structures.

What are the benefits of tube connectors?

There are many benefits to using square tubing and tube connectors to create a structure. This easily adaptable system is not only quick and convenient but creates strong, reliable frameworks with simple ‘push-fit’ connector’s ideal for both permanent and temporary structures.

This system is so easy to use it’s perfect for anyone from skilled builders and professionals to novices at home.

Just some of the benefits include;

  • Super quick and easy to assemble
  • No need for welding or grinding
  • Easy to take apart
  • Strong and robust
  • Temporary or permanent structures
  • Time and cost effective
  • No need for building jigs
  • No exact measurements required

Thanks to the unique design of square tube connectors there is no need for welding unlike most cubic structures which means that not only are they much quicker and simpler to put together but they can be taken apart and reused over and over again.

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