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08th May 2017

Searching For Self Adhesive Buffer Feet?

Searching For Self Adhesive Buffer Feet?

Looking for products to connect, finish, protect or secure furniture?

Indifit sell thousands of products for finishing furniture, including self-adhesive buffer feet.

Whether you need cylindrical, recessed or square shaped buffers, we have these accessories in many shapes and sizes, all sold for highly affordable prices.

An advanced formula backing to make applications easier than ever.

Our self-adhesive products include an advanced formula backing, which will save you time when applying it to furniture. Among our range are these Domed Self-Adhesive buffers which are suitable as feet or door silencers, and for a myriad of other applications. Available in black, clear or grey, and in various sheet quantities, these buffers are made of high quality polyurethane.

Polyurethane is far superior to rubber bumper feet, making it far more practical choice of material. While rubber will lose its elasticity and its resilience, polyurethane is far stronger and will perform even in demanding applications.

We also have these recessed buffer feet which can be fixed instantly.

Indifit do much more than quote the availability of a product. We can help you specify a product and advise upon the most economical solution.

View our collection of self-adhesive buffer feet.

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