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28th August 2017

Need To Purchase Saddle Feet At The Best Price?

Need To Purchase Saddle Feet At The Best Price?

A saddle foot is a type of plastic foot mainly used on chairs or stands, which has a small pin which prevents the feet from slipping down the tube. They are available in a wide range of sizes to fit most popular tube sizes.

If you need to purchase a saddle foot, you’ll find them among our thousands of products at Indifit.

Our products include the (JDR) Saddle Foot with an external fitting and clips around the horizontal tube. The peg in the base fits into a pre-drilled hole in the tube to ensure it’s securely fitted.

These Saddle Feet are available to fit a variety of tube sizes, ranging from 14-16 mm to 28-30 mm, and have various peg diameters, including those up to 7.5.

Saddle feet are just one of the essential products found at Indifit, where you’ll find everything from bumper feet, tube bungs and handwheels to nut cups, cap screws and socket screws.

Our friendly team are always happy to help find the products you’re looking for. With Indifit, you’ll never be put through to a call centre or kept waiting on hold.

Why not browse our massive range of products today?

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