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15th August 2019

Looking For Tube Insert Suppliers? We’ve Got You Covered

Comprehensive Stock Of Tube Inserts For Your Every Need

Do you know your ferrules from your stand-off feet? Work with a supplier who is happy to share their knowledge of their vast tube insert range.

If you’re putting together a product design that relies on tubes in its architecture, then you’ll understand the importance of working with tube insert suppliers that provide a wide range of quality materials. You’ll want to be able to shop for all the components of your design in one place, to ensure that they all fit together well and that the parts complement each other. Indifit is stocked with a comprehensive list of tube inserts, perfect for use within shopfitting, furniture manufacture and general fabrication. Read on to learn more about the tube inserts available for your application.


Often used as part of medical equipment, ferrules are either rubber or plastic ended and simply fit inside the end of a tube. They have a dual role of protecting both the inside of the tube, as well as the surface they come into contact with. Due to their ability to provide extra grip, they’re commonly found as a choice tube insert for walking aids and other medical devices that are required to be non-slip.

PVC Wire Tips

Similar to a ferrule in their design, PVC wire tips are used to cap off the end of a wire, or alternatively can be used as feet to provide protection. Typically, this type of insert would come in a glossy PVC-style black finish, although quality tube insert suppliers would be able to talk through your options to obtain this feature in multiple shades, subject to minimum order quantities.

Internal and External Stand-Off Feet

One of the main uses of tube inserts is as feet of furniture, whether that be chairs, tables, fitness equipment or display equipment. Some designs require the product to be raised off the ground such as with point of sale stands and also within shopfitting – which is where external or internal stand-off feet are ideal.

Blanking Tube Inserts 

Perhaps the most common type of tube insert, the blanking end cap is designed to round off the edge of a tube to protect it from buckling, as well as providing a scratch-resistant point where the product is to be moved back and forth along the ground. There are a wide variety of blanking inserts available; depending on the shape of your tube design, you can opt for round, square, rectangular or flat sized oval, and in terms of materials you can select plastic, rubber, chrome or steel. So long as you accurately measure the internal diameter of your tubes, you’ll have no problem at all finding a blanking end cap that will meet your requirements.

Tube Connectors

Of course, in some designs, you’ll want the flexibility of being able to connect several tubes together. This is where tube connectors come in – they allow you to group tubes of 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6 together to provide a firm base or versatility for your design, for example when creating clothing rails.

When looking for a tube insert supplier, always be sure to work with a reputable company that is happy to share their product knowledge to help you make an informed decision about your tube insert purchase.

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