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26th February 2020

Is It Time To Improve Your Classroom Design?

Simple Changes Can Allow The Brightest Minds To Flourish

If you want to give your pupils the best start in life, then start by making changes to the classroom environment and watch their results soar.

Classroom designs have changed significantly in the past few decades as schools have moved away from blackboards to smart screens, and have ditched notepads and pencils in favour of using the latest iPad technology or laptops to enable children to advance their skills.

If your school is a little behind the times in terms of classroom design, it might be tempting to put modern innovations down as being educational fads which don’t assist children in their learning as well as more traditional methods. However, a ground-breaking study which looked at more than 150 primary school classrooms across the UK, revealed that a well-designed space could boost children’s learning by 16% in key subjects.

This boost could significantly elevate SAT scores or a school’s rating with Ofsted. If you’re ready to revamp the design of your classrooms, follow these tips.

Classroom Furniture

Michelle Bergin, an occupational therapist with Community Healthcare West explains that many children are not sitting at school desks that are the appropriate height for them. Children as young as eight years old are experiencing back and leg pain due to poor posture caused when they sit at these desks and chairs. When redesigning your classroom, choose forward-slanting chairs, which are better for supporting the pelvis, and children find them comfortable too. Schools can also invest in wedge-shaped cushions to prevent pupils from leaning back and damaging the lumber region of their spine. In terms of the feet of the chair, end caps provided by tube insert suppliers offer a rounded finish to the design and prevent damage to toes if a child’s foot becomes trapped beneath the chair. These caps are also the perfect finishing touch to the base of your school desk legs.


Factors such as the amount of light, the right temperature and the quality of air are known to impact learning by as much as 50%, so these are elements of your classroom design you’ll want to get spot on. Where possible, avoid south-facing classrooms as you can expect there to be a certain amount of glare which will affect the attention of your pupils. Where this is unavoidable, try to position the tables and desks so that they’re not blinded by this light. However, natural light has clear physical and psychological benefits too, so it’s a good idea to encourage gentle daylight instead of opting for artificial lighting as an alternative. Where natural lighting isn’t a viable solution, you can opt for products such as daylight bulbs or tubes to provide the same positive effects.

Reduce Clutter

Having too much clutter on display in your classroom can feel distracting and overwhelming for students. Professor Peter Barrett has conducted research into the elements of primary school environments that impact on learning, and his findings reveal that even having too many brightly coloured posters on display have a negative effect. Cluttered shelves and bookcases are also thought to stunt creativity, which is where clever teaching wall solutions are an effective way to keep classroom essentials nearby but stored neatly out of sight so that they don’t break the concentration of students.

If you’re ready to provide your pupils with a positive future, then it’s time to invest in a classroom refurb to allow the brightest young minds to thrive.

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