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23rd December 2019

Choosing The Best Classroom Furniture For Your School

Is It Time To Revamp The Interior Of Your Classrooms?

If you feel that pupil engagement is a problem in your school, take a look at your classroom layout and fittings to see how you can make a positive change!

Keeping engagement levels high in the classroom is an ongoing priority for teachers who want to achieve the best performance possible from their pupils. But it’s not all about the topic you’ve chosen for the term, or even about the mix of children in the class; engagement and performance can be enhanced by choosing the right furniture and layout for your classroom. Research conducted by Fernandes, Huang and Rinaldo in 2011 found that even where a child sits in relation to the teacher is critical in the learning experience of that pupil. So with this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the options available in classroom design.

Selecting Multifunctional Tables

Tables that can be moved around on a whim to provide a new design configuration are essential in modern classrooms. Not only does this enable you to change the layout of your classroom depending on the topic or activity that you’re taking part in, but you can also modify the number of pupils sat in any one workspace zone. This is useful depending on whether you’d like to focus more on collaborative learning or would prefer to set aside more time for quiet, individual study.

Sturdy, Distraction-Free Chairs

School pupils need to feel comfortable, but not so much so that they’re unable to pay attention to the class. When selecting the perfect classroom chairs, make sure that they’re compatible with the height of your tables to allow for good posture. They should also comply with EN 1729 regulations to ensure that they’re strong enough not to break and therefore won’t cause distractions mid-lesson. If you’ve opted for a tubular design, then the feet of the chair should be finished using end caps provided by tube insert suppliers. These also prevent the legs from scraping along the bottom of your classroom floor and reduces the risk of injury when pupils tend to swing back on their chairs.

Standing Workstations

Sedentarism is a growing problem in wider society, which is why encouraging active learning is an important move for schools to commit to. One study found that increased movement each hour throughout the day resulted in a 18% boost in productivity and concentration. With this in mind, your school could invest in a selection of trendy standing workstations which encourage you to log on or carry out your work whilst stood up. The height of these workstations can easily be adjusted to suit the user, and they take up less space than a desk which requires space for a chair to be seated. Standing throughout the day is known to significantly enhance mood and energy levels, whilst improving general health by boosting blood flow and lowering blood sugar levels.

If you’re ready to invest in the future of your pupils, then it’s time to give your classroom a revamp by selecting some effective furniture. You can also experiment with the layout in your classroom to get the best performance out of your pupils!

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