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30th January 2020

Choose The Perfect Design For Your Office

Increase Retention And Boost Productivity With These Tips

Does your current office feel too cramped or not make enough use of natural light? Provide a healthier, more productive environment to work in!

The right office design can increase productivity levels by as much as 15% according to research carried out by the University of Exeter. Keeping your employees motivated is just one consideration when putting together the perfect interior for your business premises. As well as providing an environment that is both comfortable and conducive to good work, it’s also important to offer an attractive, professional vibe for any visitors or B2B contacts who are attending your workplace. Here are some considerations from furniture and layout to greenery and storage!

Enough Space

An office filled with desks and little space for employees to move around in can feel cluttered and chaotic. When you’re investing in office space, make sure you choose somewhere with enough room to accommodate your entire organisation. If business is going well, then you should plan for the future in case you’ll need to take on more employees. Think too about the layout on offer – will you choose to seat everyone in a large open plan area, or have managers and supervisors in their own individual offices?

Creating space for storage is also essential to keep things in order. Modern businesses tend to rely on digital storage methods over rows and rows of crammed filing cabinets, but there will always be a need for office-based storage of some kind, to house stationery and marketing materials for example.

Boost Creativity

Where possible, try to incorporate more informal zones into your office which could include comfortable seating such as sofas, or even beanbags in some trendy startup offices! Areas like this are fantastic for collaboration and can help to free creative minds, more so than being in a stuffy boardroom.

Ergonomic Furniture

Back pain is currently the most common reason for time off work in the UK and is often caused by poor posture in the office. This can be helped by supplying your workers with sensible office furniture which is aesthetically pleasing and will also help to reduce your absenteeism. The right chair should have at least five adjustment options and offer excellent support for the lumbar region of the lower back. In terms of safety, the feet of your chair should use tube end caps to protect employees’ feet from being injured by sharp, metal legs. Tube insert suppliers can provide spare tube inserts for you to keep in stock as needed. You get what you pay for when it comes to quality office furniture, so this is a particularly good investment for impacting the health and wellbeing of your workforce.

Natural Elements

According to Cornell University, workers who have access to plenty of natural light will experience up to 84% less headaches, eyestrain or blurred vision in comparison to those who work in offices who rely too much on artificial lighting. As well as natural light, greenery also plays a part in improving the health and happiness of employees, by improving air quality, concentration levels and helping them to stay connected to the outside world as they go about their daily tasks.

Keeping staff retention rates high should be a key priority for businesses. Start by looking at the business environment you’re offering and what you could do to improve its appeal in 2020!

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