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Bumpers & Buffer Feet | Indifit



Bumpers and Buffer Feet

Indifit supply a range of buffer feet designed for UK manufactures. Buy bumpers and buffer feet online from Indifit. Easy to fit feet produced in rubber, plastic and transparent glass materials.

Buffer feet are designed for stacking products, e.g. tables and chairs. Self-adhesive rubber feet are also available for the protection of wooden surfaces and can be easily secured to the bottom of table and chair legs and feet to protect both the end-product and flooring. Our PVC transparent glass buffers are designed for supporting glass shelves designed to lock the panel in place preventing movement.

Adhesive rubber bumpers allow for smooth movement over a range of surfaces. They have an easily applied peel and stick adhesive backing for use on the base of feet or inserts. Clear rubber feet are commonly used as rubber feet, cabinet stoppers, door stops and surface protectors. The peel and stick glass buffer feet will not tarnish, scratch or discolour any surface.

We also supply a range of anti-vibration mounts which are available in many sizes; these can also be used instead of adjustable feet for certain applications.

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If you are unsure which of our bumpers & buffer feet will be the best fit for your requirements, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at Indifit for specialist advice. We have extensive experience in our field and can help you find the most effective buffer for a range of appliances and furniture.