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Access Hardware | Drawer Slides | Panel Fasteners



We supply a range of access hardware Including: locks, latches, draw slides, quarter turn locks, index plungers and nylon bridge handles used on equipment throughout the UK. Some of our UK manufactures specialise in medical equipment, catering equipment, machine manufacture and steel fabrication.

We are more than happy to advice you on suitable equipment for any project or prototypes you may have.

We also offer free of charge samples upon request and have no minimum order on any stocked item.

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  • In-line positioning hinge with socket cap head embeded fastener within the hinge body to allow the end user to adjust the hinge fixing angle. Ideal for applications for hinged doors that may have miss-aligned over a period of time and require simple maintenance correction Learn More

    (9066) Die cast Zinc adjustable angle removable in-line lift off hinge

  • Simple spring open clip system. Choice of narrow or wide base Learn More

    (F9006) Spring tool clip

  • Quick and easy locking of sliding adjusting tubes. The button clip is placed within inner tube and the button male pip section 'clicks' into the hole of the outer sliding tube to retain both tubes in place. Available in low cost pressed steel version and solid version (in choice of single or double button male pip). Learn More

    (F4513) Spring Button clip

  • Key locking quarter turn action wing latch Choice of 2 key codes and 2 alternative grip range cams that can be interchangeable between the 2 lock part part numbers. Please also view our more comprehensive range of E series quarter turn wing knob latches with a broader cam arm range to choose from (type "L7772" in search box to view). The E series range includes atlernative handle options such as L and T hand grab style Learn More

    (L6542) Quarter turn locking wing knob latch

  • Quick release 1/4 turn fastener is an excellent fastener for quick panel removal and re-assembly. Ideal for equipment with repeat access requirement. To remove the panel simply turn the male fastener 1/4 turn.....to re-engage simply press in the male fastener to the mating female receptacle. All fasteners are captive so that they remain attached to the removed panel even when the fastener is dis-engaged from it female receptacle counterpart. The slotted head and socket head drive versions meet European Union Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The assembly configuration to assemble this fastener system is male fastener through outer panel hole that is held in place by either a circlip or rubber neoprene washer which is attached upon the other side of the outer panel. The female receptacle is attached to the inner panel that will then allow the male fastener engage into the female receptacle so to clamp both the inner and outer panels together. The tolerance receptacle version has an elongated slot 23mm long that will allow for some panel movement or miss-alignment The choice of circlip and rubber neoprene washer being used is to your preference. The length of the neoprene washer will assist your calculation in the panel grip range distance. Ie, if using a 18.2mm stud (part number QTFMW60216064Z) the panel grip without a neoprene washer is 6mm. If you wish to reduce that panel grip from 6mm to 4mm then by using a 2mm neoprene washer this will reduce the panel grip from 6mm to 4mm. The circlip will retain the male fastener upon the outer panel and is ideal for 'flat to flat' inner and outer panel mating whereas the rubber neoprene washer creates an element of 'spring open bounce' for the end-user but to the detriment of both panels not being perfect 'flat to flat' mating when the fastener system is engaged. The wear washer is an optional extra part. It is fitted upon the underside of the head of the male stud and deters the panel surface of the product being worn by the frequent turning action against the panel surface when the fastener is locked. Please ensure you view our range of female receptacles and captive washers that engage with these male quick release fastener product. Please note, the panel grip distance is the distance from under the head of the fastener, the outer panel thickness of your product, the thickness of the wear washer (if used), the thickness of the circlip and the the thickness of the neoprene washer (if used), all to the point of the front head surface of the female receptacle the male fastener is enaging upon. If you require longer or shorter pin length sizes then please enquire as additional lengths are available in 1mm increments as special order along with a choice of thicker or thinner pin diameters Learn More

    (Q9086) Quick release 1/4 (QUARTER) turn male captive fastener

  • The rotary action on the cam provides the user with a firm grip and consistent closure that resists accidental opening The spring latch action version gives extra tension and is best in applications areas of regular vibration / movement whilst the padlockable version has an integrated metal loop within the body to allow the user to fit their own padlock Learn More

    (Q6784) Rotary turn action clamping draw latch and keeper

  • A simple but very effective latch system used to attach 2 panel sections together. The male part of the latch is a rubber bushing that expands when the hinged handle latch is turned. The latch body is captive to the outer panel. When engaged, the latch securely fixes both panels together. To release the latch from the inner panel, turn the handle to it's former straight position, the rubber element will contract and allow the latch to removed from the inner panel. Whilst remaining captive in use, the latch may be dis-assembled if and when required. Choice of 3 sizes: small, medium and large Please refer to 2D drawing and grid table for hole preparation and handle dimension spec Please note : the inner frame hole preparation size for the medium and large size latches increases pro-rata as the inner frame grip range increases. Please contact the sales office for accurate hole preparation size to confirm manufacturers recommended size for the frame thickness of your application. Learn More

    (Q5647) Swell action quick release latch

  • Made of high impact resistant thermoplastic Image 1 has male fitting studs that are inserted through the panel and fastened to the rear by female nuts Image 2 is mounted by csk male screws and fastened to the rear by female nuts Learn More

    (P6898) Thermoplastic enclosure hinge

  • Fully external threaded body ball ended plunger. Slotted at one end for the fitter to turn thejm into application. Choice of steel self colour or stainless steel Learn More

    (HPL9) Threaded ball and spring plunger